5 Things To Do Until The Waters Recede...

10 inches of rain in a little over a week and a half equals one blown out river system. The streams were fishing incredibly well. Hopefully, Lord willing and the creek don't rise (literally), we'll be back at it by the end of the week, but until then, here's my plan to pass the time.


1. Tie bugs

 An awesome summer season has put a hurting on my bug supply. Amish nymphing leaders too. Hoppers should be heating up, and I've got a new design to validate, code named The Fence Hopper. (I feel I should explain since Stanifer didn't get the Amish slang of fence hopper. When young Amish decide to become "English", they are said to have "Jumped the fence". Thus Fence Hopper). I do my best work streamside at a picnic table at Riverbend or poolside. 

2. Bike

 I'm trying to utilize the ATO fish bike for the majority of my recon. I check on the streams daily utilizing The Pumpkinvine Nature Trail. The Pumpkinvine stretches over 25 miles and connects Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury, and Shipshewana. The trail is almost entirely paved and weaves through the the beautiful Amish countryside. There are plenty of coffee shops and watering holes along the way.

41 Degrees North

41 Degrees North

A few of my favs are 41 Degrees North downtown Middlebury, with an impressive selection of craft beers on tap, and the Pumpkinvine Cafe, where you can get a latte, shop for antiques, and buy a golf cart. 

3. Golf

Time to go into Hex Night Fishing Guide mode. Here's the schedule:  

10:00AM: Wakeup, slam a black coffe, two PBR's, 3 eggs and 5 slices of extra thick cut bacon from Hoosier Meats.  

11:30AM:  Meet other guides at golf course, bet the tips from the previous night's guide trip on everything from longest drive to star putter. Play a quick nine. Down three more PBR's. 

2:00PM: Grab a Red Bull and Grilled Cuban from Martin's Deli. Grab some supplies for the client shore dinner and some more PBR's. 

3:30PM: Two more PBR's, short siesta. 

5:00PM: Tie some bugs, check the rods, reels, and other gear, pack dinner. Slam another Red Bull. 

7:00PM: Meet the nights clients, get the grill going, and get the NY Strip Steaks on. Sell the clients on the belief that the bite is "epic", has long as we "get some bugs". Provide a crash course instruction on not hooking the guide in the head. 

9:00PM: Get streamside, eyes up, and wait.  

9:55PM: First bugs show up... Game on! Bag 6 fish over 20" and convince client it's purely their amazing ability to cast perfectly in the dark to feeding fish. Switch into professional photographer mode. 

2:30AM: Secure next year's trip dates with client. Load up gear, head home. 

3:00AM: Three more PBR's and a shot of Jameson to wind down. Hit the bag after you down the other half of your Cuban from lunch.  

10:00AM: Repeat.  

Now, since I can't fish, I guess I'll play 18 and just clean the garage.  

4. Build Some S*** in the Woods

My boys were attempting to build a "fort" in the woods behind our house. After two full days, Quinn asked me to come and take a look because things "weren't working out." What I found were a few old boards nailed together in a clearing... And half my garage. I told them that the plan was flawed, and the next day I would show them how to build a proper shelter. The next day we built not one but two shelters with only two machetes and some twine. The Dual Survivor guys would be proud. An experience me and my kids will never forget. The bonus was that we all got a proper case of poison ivy. Earning me a shot in the ass at the doctors and a text from the ex wife. 

Still way work it.  

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

5. Blog. 

So there you have It! This week is looking to be hot and hopfully the rains subside. But until then, this is my plan to take my attention off my fishing jones.