So here's how it works...

What we need:

Catch a trout over 22" on a fly rod (no bait fishermen), take a picture of your fish (with you in it if you wish), safely release the fish back into it's habitat, fill out the Membership Application and wait for your approval email with instructions on getting that photo to us.

WHAT you get:

1. A personalized certificate of membership in TroutClub 22.

2. A window decal 

3. Special offers for TC22 SWAG and an Invitation to the annual galla (Usually beers at a local pub, but hey, still a perk!)

4. Notification of new members

5. Membership in one of the premier fishing societies in the world (Okay... that's a stretch) 


Does it have to be a trout?

Yes. This is a TROUT club. We love the other guys too, but this is for ANY kind of trout.

Why 22"?

There are many theories of why 22" proved to be the magic number. Maybe because Chris Miller caught a 22" trout and that became the standard of excellence on the Amish waters. Another theory refers to the length of one of the founding member's body part being 22"(It was his arm,  let's keep this clean). But let's be honest... I don't care where you're fishing, a 22" trout on a fly is an epic fish!

Does TC22 cost anything?

No, It's all 100% Free.

How long does my membership last?

As long as you do, or we do for that matter.

What if the fish dies?

You're out!

Okay, but can I get it stuffed then?

I guess, but your still out. And, you're pathetic.

A couple other things...

We are working on the honor system here, so honesty is appreciated

**** Please don't not put a trout in harms way just to get a pic!!! The trout's well being is 100% more important than this our any club!! Tell us the story and send us a pic of your mug and we'll see what we can do!****