Dowagiac Creek 9/6/14

I intended to fish the Little E all day on Friday September 5th but soon realized the water temp in the river had crested 70 degrees. 70 degrees is kind of that ceiling temperature that one should not trout fish if you intend to release the trout alive. I managed several trout on dry flies prior to the 70 degree spike.

On Saturday the 6th Brandon Rasler and I made a short trip north to fish the Dowagiac Creek north of Cassopolis Michigan. The creek there was shallower than the Little E and somewhat less volume but nice clean cold water. The fishing was kind of tight with trees and tall grass lining the banks. Nymphing was difficult due to the only depth being in the log jam cover. We soon found trout feeding on the surface on hatching Blue Wing Olives. We both were utilizing a BWO sparkle dun and picking up several small browns. The fishing was best during the hatch that happened with the overcast morning. By noon the skies had cleared and the fishing slowed but we still managed trout. Several places we needed to do our best Joe Humphries immitation at casting under tangles into the runs.

I ended up with an even ten small browns and Brandon had 8 or 9. We fished from 8:00 till 4:00 trading first in line after every trout since the creek was not wide enough for two abreast in most areas. I highly recommend this creek and expect to try it again.