Sunday Morning Sessions, part duex

My guide

I love baseball... And I love to watch my boys play baseball... But since the end of April, I have been at the ball park almost every night watching baseball. Everyday except Sundays. The day of rest and reflection for our small Amish community. My Sunday's have become the day of fishing...usually for myself.

So, when Miller made the suggestion early last week that we give the entire Sunday to fishing the Amish waters, he received no argument from me. And on this day, he would serve as my guide (after all, he is an Orvis guide) to some waters I haven't fished in years.

We got an early start, and headed across the border to Michigan for breakfast. (None of the restaurants in Amish country are open on Sunday's). We ate like kings for we knew it may be the only meal until evening, and headed to our predetermined spot. It was a long walk to the stream, and the day was quickly warming up.

The stretch of the river we entered was much like I remembered, and expected. A canal, with a soft silty bottom. Miller assured me that it got better as we meandered downstream. About a quarter mile down, the channel magically turned into a spring creek, and we unhooked our flies from the hook keepers and began to fish.

Our system is has follows, one person has the lead until he hooks (not catches) a fish of any kind. Yes, even a chub. Then the other person takes the we each have a chance at virgin water. The worst thing that can happen for the leader is that the person behind you catches since trout out of the hole you just abandoned. (And yes, it did happen).

Miller was swinging flies, looking for big brown, and of course, I was dredging the runs Amish nymph style. Within minutes, it was game on... And continued at a steady pace all throughout the day. We moved at a pretty brisk pace, for we had a lot of ground to cover, taking fish out of almost every run we came to.

By 3:00 PM, we had reached the end of our journey... And we were exhausted. Miller had some family obligations, so I headed to Spring Street Because I had heard that Lehman was fishing there. I wasn't disappointed to see that he was not, and I headed home to catch a quick nap before tending to my own obligations.

All in all, my best day of fishing this season... And I owe it all to the Miller Guide Service... Don't look in the book for their's not there.


The water is low and clear... Warm nights are bringing out some drakes and big bugs. Choose a warm night with no wind and a box full of drakes, and you are set up for success... But don't give up to soon, the big boys come out to play only in complete darkness!

Durning the morning and day:

Nymphs in the Morning. Size 12 to 16. Hot wire PT's, Frenchys, Prince nymphs... Something with some color.

Mid day- buggers and small streamers. Black and olive

Evening and night: Drakes... Size 8 to 12. And patience.

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