A quick fix

It was suppose to storm yesterday... So, I made plans to meet up with Johnny Hondo, look over some art he's having done for his business, and share a few PBR's.

It didn't storm... In fact, the weather was beautiful. Almost 80, slight breeze, a regular chamber of commerce day. And I was at work, with visions of caddis dancing on the water. I had a feeling the bite was on... Finally, I could no longer take it. I left work a little early (sorry Chris, just a lil early... Hope you're having fun in FLA), ran home, grabbed my gear and some clothes for dinner and headed for the river... It was 5:18.

I jumped out of the trout wagon, grabbed my pre-rigged rod, and headed to my first stop... It was 5:26. I had a simple plan to hit 5 different spots that I know hold fish... Ten to twenty casts in each, fish for an hour, change clothes and still make it to the bar by 7:00.

Third cast... BOOM.... Thirteen inch brown pounded my fly. The bite was on!! I drug my flies through the run and moved to the next stop quickly, ten casts, no luck... Reeled in and moved on. Next spot, a deep fast run... I tied on a new fly I had tied the night before and cast....BOOM...a nice health 10" brown. Three cast later, another... I glanced at my watch... It was 6:02.

I moved to the top of the run and drifted my fly inches I front of the log jam. The water was as clear has I've ever seen it. It looked like August, and felt like it too! I was sweating profusely and my glassed where getting completely fogged over. I was so impressed with my beautiful drift that when a fish darted out from under the log and grabbed my fly, I was taken by surprise and I missed it... The trout would have easily been the fish of the day.

The sun went behind the clouds of a front moving in, and the bite shut off. The next two spots produced no fish. I knew I was getting short on time and became distracted, casting from tree to bush to snag and back into the tree. I looked at my watch... 6:42!! Time to head in.

I quickly threw my gear into my ride, stripped down and took a quick "Amish bath" (deodorant and cologne), put on some jeans, t-shirt and flip flops and I was off! It was 6:50.

Needless to say, I was fashionably late... But Johnny Hondo was at the bar holding court, so he didn't seem to notice. The ice cold PBR'S couldn't have tasted better.

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