Movie Review: The River Why

"Set on the banks of a wild river, The River Why is the story of 20 year old Gus Orviston , the Mozart of flyfishing (Zach Gilford, "Friday Night Lights"), who leaves his big city home in rebellion from his parents (Willam Hurt, "Into the Wild" and Kathleen Quinlan, "Apollo 13") to live in a secluded cabin on the banks of a wild river and do nothing but fish.
Instead of finding fishing bliss, his desolation drives him on a reluctant quest for self-discovery.
In the process he comes in contact with an assortment of eccentric characters who help him in his journey to adulthood - including a philosopher (Dallas Roberts,"3:10 to Yuma"), a reporter (William Devane, "Hollow Man") and a mysterious woman (Amber Heard, " Zombieland") who will change his life forever.
Most of all, The River Why is a love story.
The love of a man for the wilderness, and for a beautiful woman who comes to share it with him."

My Review:

Last evening I downloaded The River Why from iTunes. A couple of years ago, I made an attempt to read the book over winter, but, it was too much of a downer for me. However, I was always curious in how it ended. I know it's billed as a coming of age drama using fly-fishing as backdrop, and I love a chick flick as much as the next sucker (Especially when whatching one with a Chick), but this movie missed the mark across the board with me. My first problem: I didn't like or care about any of the characters. And this wasn't just me... Twenty minutes in, the girlfriend said "This sucks" and checked out. Each character was so deep and serious, I felt like I was in a group therapy session. Second Problem: I never bought into the love story between Gus and Eddy or Gus and fishing quite frankly. Thirdly: Gus is a pussy. Sorry, but the facts are the facts. Give me Paul Maclean kicking as and catching trout any day of the week.
There were a few bright spots... Number one being the beautiful Oregon scenery and beautiful fish (They routinely kill).
Half way through The River Why I was asking myself "Why am I sill watching this??" Save your money and by some leaders, or spit shot. This gem will be playing at noon on the Lifetime channel soon I'm sure.

I give this movie 1 CHUB <;((((((--< and yes, that means it sucks.