Trout Fever Returns to The Amish Country...

After a few "scouting" trips, I finally ventured into the cool clear water of the Lil' E. Miller had ladened a 23" Bow a week ago out of the "Hatchery" and I was on a mission to see if unreasonably warm weather would bring the big boys out to play. I arrived at the hatchery around 6 PM and rigged up. Neldon had given me the new Sharkskin line from SA, and I was eager to see how it performed.

Miller showed up just has I was getting ready to head to the Hatchery. He said he couldn't fish tonight, but would stop down to give me some guidance. (To say the mammoth rainbow has gone to his head would be a tremendous understatement!) I started with a large Playboy Bunny, and soon switched to the standard SH Bugger/Caddis Dropper combo. The caddis nymph is a new tie... with a bright pink collar, similar to the ones the RiverRat ties for me.

Miller pointed to the spot he took the large trout, as well as a number of other hiding places. Within a ten yard stretch, Miller made claim to seeing three fish over 20", and I have faith in his statement. I fished the run in my normal Amish/Czech fashion... Casting upstream, making a series of huge mends to get my flies to the bottom of the stream and guide them through the zone just ahead of the current waiting for the take.

And then, ever so slightly, my line stopped. I raised my rod and tightened my line to what felt like a good sized fish! Unfortunately, the fight was short lived. The beast came to the surface just long enough to make himself known before he flipped his tail, shook his head, and spit out my caddis nymph. I turned and looked at Miller. Both our eyes where as big as saucers. All I could muster was "That was a big @#$%ing fish".

"Yes, yes it was!" he said.

I fished for another hour and a half... nothing.

All in all, I consider the evening a success, just short of a moral victory. Every time I fish, I learn something... And this is what I learned tonight:

1) Bright colors that don't make sense do work!!

2) The 45 different layers of AquaSeal I've been applying to my wadders all winter had been a complete waste of time... I need new waders.

3) There are some BIG TROUT in the Hatchery Run, and they will eat your (well, at least my) fly!

4) Sharkshin line is as billed... One of the best casting lines I have used.

Stay Tuned....

Miller's Monster Bow
(That's his Foot)