First cast snag...

I admit that by nature, I am a superstitious fly fisher. Especially when it comes to my hat, shirt, boxes in the right pockets... You get the idea. All the planets must be in alignment or my fishing day will be a loss.
So, I have found, that my first cast is a precursor of how the day will go. And, I have on more than a few occasions found my first cast in the trees, snapped off my flies, reeled in and headed home.
So, yesterday afternoon, when my first cast caught the only Snag in the run, only to release and find the only little bush sticking up behind me, I was tempted to call it a day. But, yesterday was far to beautiful to give up after only one try. I continued on.
I was rewarded shortly after, when a 16" rainbow took my caddis nymph. A beautiful fish. I released her and moved up stream, stopping at each log jam and pool, looking for new spots created by the winter storms. The fish were spread out, but where they should be, deep in the back of the pools, waiting for dinner to float by. I missed a few strikes, and did manage to take a feisty 12" brown on a SH Bugger.

All in all, a wonderful day.
I did meet to gentlemen who came down from South Bend to fish. We spoke for 20 minutes or so. One of the gentlemen thought he saw a fish in the narrow run in front of him, so he decided to try and cast to it....only to put his fly firmly into the log jam. He snapped it off and I laughed and said "don't worry, my first cast today was into a snag as well!"
On my way home, I reflected on how lucky I am to have this fishery in my back yard!
Water levels are slightly up. Water is stained but fishable.
Lot of caddis and midges coming off throughout the day.
Flies: Caddis nymphs. Size 14-16. Nothing to flashy. An olive beadhead is a great choice.
Dark buggers and streamers... Black, olive with a little flash.
Fish them DEEP! If your not hitting the bottom you're not deep enough. The strike will come int the back or to the side of the run.

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Location:Hoover property- Little E